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Ashtrays play an important role in keeping a home or office clean, and in reducing the amount of smell and second-hand smoke involved with smoking. There are lots of ashtrays available these days to suit every need. On this ashtray reviews and buyers guide site, we will outline the various types of ashtrays available, from regular table ashtrays, to smokeless ashtrays, car ashtrays, windproof outdoor ashtrays to larger standing cigarette receptacles perfect for outdoor use. More ashtrays.

Whether you are a smoker who likes to dispose of your ashes and butts in a managed manner, or someone who lives or works with smokers and looking for a solution to keep the ashes and butts from making a mess, this guide is for you. There are a lot of options that you may use in order to keep your cigarette ashes in place, and you would not even have to shell out a big amount of money for them.

Here are some of the most common types of primary and secondary ashtrays that you may invest on for your home and office. Each type has its own set of pros and cons, all of which you should take into consideration as you pick out the one that will best fit your lifestyle. Go through the following points and keep them in mind as you go about with picking out the tray that you will buy for your use. If you are not a hundred percent sure which kind of ashtray will suit you best, then read on and find out.

Regular Indoor Ashtrays/ Table Ashtrays

Indoor Glass AshtrayThe most common type of ashtray that you need at home are regular indoor ashtrays that are usually placed on tables. This kind of trays will be very convenient for you to use inside your home or your office, for they will not only give you a place to stow your cigarette butts, but they will also keep your ashes from flying around. This kind of trays is made out of a variety of materials, like plastic, crystal, glass, stainless steel, silver, and ceramic. Just choose one that will fit with the theme and the look of the room and you will be good to go.


Smokeless Ashtrays

best smokeless ashtrayAnother type of cool ashtrays are smokeless ashtrays, which are tray models that are specifically designed to draw in and filter the cigarette smoke clean, thus allowing you the benefit to do away with the problem of unwanted cigarette smell. If you would want to keep your home or your office smelling clean and fresh, yet you cannot fight the urge to light up, then a smokeless model will be the best choice for you. Regular smokeless ashtrays work by having a fan and carbon filters to trap and filter the smoke. Newer models incorporate ion technology that transform smoke into harmless particles. Besides keeping your cigarette or cigar butts out of sight, but it will help you make the smell undetectable as well. To learn more, check out the Smokeless Ashtray Reviews & Buyers Guide.

Car Ashtrays

car ashtray cupholder sizedIf you are prone to smoking when in transit or if you were driving in your car, for example, then you should buy a car ashtray as soon as you can. This way, you will not be damaging the interiors of your vehicle by raining cigarette ashes and butts on your car floor or seats. Besides keeping cigarette litter off the streets, it also keeps the car smelling fresh, and allow the car’s passengers a more pleasant ride.

Believe it or not, it will be very easy for you to find a cup holder ashtray that you may use. You will not even have to break the bank for one either, for this kind of model is sold at affordable prices. If you are interested, check out the Car Ashtrays Reviews & Buyers Guide.

Spinning Ashtrays

Spinning AshtraySpinning ashtrays have a control at the top that you can press upon. This will set the top into a spin, drawing the ashes and butts down to the bottom of the ashtray. The good ones have spinning tops that close tightly, keeping the fumes and ashes down. These ashtrays are sometimes referred to as smokeless ashtrays as well, since they do trap some of the smoke underneath. They also keep the ashes enclosed and covered, so they will not easily spill over or be blown around to other parts of the home or office. Other than these benefits, the spinning effect greatly reduces the odor that commonly emanates from regular ashtrays with more open designs. See Spinning Ashtrays

Outdoor Ashtrays/ Windproof Ashtrays

Windproof Outdoor AshtrayA number of ashtrays are designed for outdoor and patio use. In such settings, there are elements of nature like breezes and strong wind and even rain to contend with. Rather than using regular table ashtrays, people prefer to use ashtrays designed to be placed outdoors, such as on patios, balconies, and outdoor smoking areas of a home or office. Table windproof ashtrays usually are higher in height and curved rims to prevent the ashes and butts from being around. They contain features like snuff holes to extinguish butts properly, and/or lids to keep the cigarette/cigar waste within. They are made from tougher materials to withstand the sun and rain.

Another version of ashtray suitable for outdoor or patio use are wall-mounted ashtray units. They can be more appropriate depending on the decor and size of your outdoor space, and can be easily seen and reached for by smokers. What are the factors to consider when shopping? Check out the Outdoor Ashtray Reviews & Buyers Guide.

Outdoor Standing Ashtrays/ Cigarette Receptacles

Outdoor Cigarette ReceptacleBesides outdoor ashtrays that are placed or tables or wall-mounted, another popular option is to get an outdoor standing ashtray or cigarette receptacle. Outdoor cigarette receptacles are perfect as a handy place to dispose the butts where smokers congregate. In addition to having a receptacle where you can contain the waste and ashes, these receptacles are usually designed from easy maintenance and waste removal. Some of these include trash bins within their design, and presents another ideal and convenient point for smokers or passersby to throw their trash instead of leaving them lying around. Check out the Outdoor Cigarette Receptacle & Standing Ashtray Buyers Guide.

Indoor Standing Ashtrays

Indoor Standing AshtrayStanding ashtrays offer the benefit of having a stand-alone ashtray of reasonable height, so you do not need to place it on a table. It can be placed right next to the smoker without needing extra table space. This makes it convenient for smokers to flick their ashes and dispose the butts. For added protection, you can find spinning standing ashtray models as well, which traps some of the smoke odors. Spinning standing ashtrays will also keep the ashes and butts covered, so they will not be blown off by the wind, or mess up the area if the ashtray stand topples. More on indoor standing ashtrays.


Vintage Ashtrays

If you are looking for something that will be a good investment in the long run, then it will be a good thing for you to find a vintage ashtray that you may re-sell in the future. There are many collectors who buy and keep these ashtrays as a hobby or for investment purposes. Unlike the more conventional models, vintage or antique ashtrays are not specifically bought for the purpose of having somewhere to keep cigarettes or cigars in. They are mainly bought to complete a hard-to-find collection of trays that are estimated to have great value. If you happen to chance upon a vintage model anywhere, buy it and consider it as an item to decorate the room with, or else re-selling it in the future for a higher price.

Pocket/ Portable Ashtrays

zippo pocket ashtrayIn order for you to ensure that your smoking habit will not wreak havoc to Mother Earth, consider purchasing a portable pocket ashtray that you may bring with you everywhere you go. Bringing this kind of ashtray will give you somewhere to keep your cigarette waste even if you were to light up as you go out on a walk, for example. This kind of trays usually works like an ashtray with a lid, except that it is much smaller in size and more portable in shape. This means that you will have somewhere to place your butts and your ashes, thus giving you the opportunity to dispose of them more appropriately later. Check out the Portable Ashtrays buyers guide.

Disposable Ashtrays

Disposable ashtraysIf you are the kind of person who do not want to keep reuse your ashtray for one reason or another, then consider investing in a disposable ashtray that you may simply dispose of once you fill it. Disposable ashtrays are also appropriate for parties and events, where you want to provide single-use cigarette or cigar receptacles at many points. Most of the time, this kind is made out of highly recyclable materials like molded paper and the like. Models that fall under this category are also sold for the lowest prices as well. This means that if you are already done using your disposable ashtray, you can move on to using a fresher and newer one without feeling like you are losing or wasting your money. Also, there is no cleaning involved. Check out the More info.

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