Smokeless Ashtray Reviews & Buyers Guide

ionic smokeless ashtraySmokeless ashtrays are a great way to lessen the smell that comes with smoking, whether it is cigarettes or cigars. In this article, we will go through what you need to look out for when choosing the best smokeless ashtray for your home. If you are ready to shop, you can skip ahead and look into reviews for the top 5 smokeless ashtrays review.

With a good smokeless ashtray, your clothes, curtains and carpets is likely to smell better. It certainly allows the smoker more freedom in smoking indoors or in the car. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about the health and conflicts with your family members who don’t smoke. They will not only catch less of the smell, but will also be saved from the dangers of second hand smoke.

For smokers, if friends and family members complain of that awful smell, you might just have to buy your own smokeless ashtray. Likewise, if a family member need to smoke indoors, you can lessen the smell and second hand smoke that comes with the habit.

Smokeless Ashtrays: Do They Work?

It is natural for us to be doubtful of such devices. But for the most part, they do work and benefit you and your family significantly. By placing your cigarette inside an excellent smokeless ash tray, a lot of the smoke will get drawn in rather than float around the home or stick to your clothes.

It will not eliminate the smoke and smell 100%, though. Whiffs of smoke will still escape while you are holding the cigarette away from the ashtray. And when you exhale, a lot of smoke will fill the area where you are smoking. You can further cut down on the smoke and odor through the use of a Smoke Buddy, an air purifier or using smoke odor eliminating candles. These additional items can complement the use of a smokeless ashtray.

There are two types of smoke free ashtrays that you may choose from: ionic and carbon filter ashtrays. These devices eliminate and purify smoke in different ways.

An ionic smokeless ashtray cleans the air through a process called ionization. The device breaks down smoke into negatively charged particles and then turns these particles into positive charged ones. As a result, that smelly and harmful smoke is transformed into clean air. The other type uses a carbon filter that absorbs and traps the smoke. If the filter is already full you can replace it with a new one.

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What To Consider When Choosing The Best Smokeless Ashtray?

To choose the smokeless ashtray that best fits your needs, you may opt to visit smokeless ashtray reviews available online. They may also contain reviews from people who already used the products. But before doing so, you can use the following points to consider.

Ionic or Carbon Filter Smokeless Ashtrays

Ionic smokeless ashtrays are based on more advanced technology, and so far, users seem to report a better experience with it. The main issue is the price, as a good ionic ashtray cost 2 or 3 times (eg. $50 vs. $18) what a regular carbon filter smokeless ashtray will cost.

On the flip side, an ionic ashtray can provide you with greater ease-of-use since you do not have to buy filter replacements. Finding and putting in replacement filters for charcoal filter ashtrays is an additional errand you may not want to be bothered with. Not to mention the additional costs involved. But if the filters of a particular filter based smoke free ashtray last long and are cheap, then carbon filter smoke free ashtrays may suit you. Otherwise, consider getting an ion technology smokeless ash tray.

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Choosing between Battery and Corded Models

Smokeless ashtrays require a power source to work. Corded smokeless ashtrays provide the convenience of not having to worry about buying and replacing batteries. Corded smokeless ashtrays are ideal if you usually smoke within a certain area, or you will need to plug/unplug often, and have to reach for/ find power outlets.

If you need to move the ashtray around, one operated by batteries, or having the choice of either powering up through a cord or batteries, would be preferred. A portable smokeless ashtray usually run on batteries and/or car chargers.

Most battery-operated smokeless ashtrays do not come with any batteries included. So, make sure you read through the product descriptions and make arrangements to have the right-sized batteries available to you.

Noise Level

Carbon filter smokeless ashtrays tend to have a level of noise associated with them because of the motor running. Luckily, most have been engineered to minimize the noise. If it’s too noisy, it can be as distracting as the smoke itself. If you need the smokeless ash tray to operate silently, your best bet is to choose and ionic one.

Power Efficiency

There is no use buying a smoke free ashtray if it can’t operate efficiently. If the smoke free ashtray consumes a lot of battery power, it might not be a good choice. You might buy it cheap, but in the long term, it may eat up a lot of cash. Like purchasing other products, it is advisable to consider the cost of operations over time, not just the one-time cost of the product.


If you prefer cigars instead of cigarettes, choose the bigger versions that can handle cigars. It also depends on how and where you are using the ashtray, whether it is meant for a single person, or for a few people smoking at the same time. You could consider buying a small smokeless ashtray for car use (eg. cup holder sized) if you want to smoke while traveling.

Ease Of Use

Sometimes the simplest things are those that are easiest to use. A lot of smokeless ashtrays work when the lids are opened, or there is an on/off switch. In choosing your smoke free ashtray, remember that it is nice to use a product that is easy to figure out. If it’s not, it may be easier to break it than to use it.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Some ashtrays are single piece devices while others offer the option to use the included ashtray or allow the user to fit in their own ashtray within the smoke absorption device. Units that can be easily disassembled, or where the ashtrays themselves can be removed, can be more easily cleaned and maintained. Sometimes, the tar build-up can obstruct the proper functioning of the ashtray. When that happens, you need an easy way to clean things up. Besides, we all know that stale cigarette ashes smells bad, not to mention dirty, so we want to keep the unit as clean as possible.

Where To Buy Smokeless Ashtrays

You can order a smoke free ashtray from, eBay or other online merchants. You may also be able to find them at retail stores like Sears or Walmart, although the selection online may be greater. You can also purchase replacement filters at these same outlets or online sites.

With this a good smokeless ashtray, you enjoy your smoke without feeling guilty about the odors that result. You can avoid secondhand smoke that can jeopardize the entire well-being of your family and friends. It helps especially when there is a lot of indoor smoking. Do be aware that this will not totally eliminate all smoke, as smoke will still be present when you exhale. To help cut the smell and stains from smoke further, consider the Smoke Buddy, an air purifier or using smoke odor eliminating candles.

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