Smokers Candles Review – Smoke Eater Candles That Rock!

Smokers Candles Review - Smoke Eater Candles That Rock!Smokers Candles’ Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles are effective odor eliminating candles that will eat away at the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke. Besides helping the home smell fresher, it keeps the environment much more pleasant for others we live with.

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Odor Eliminating, Not Masking The Smell

A key reason Smokers Candles are so effective is because they actually remove the smoke odors, not drown out the smell with scents. The candles work by releasing enzymes that break down the smell. Perfume cover-ups work only for a short time, and the unpleasant stink of stale smoke will return.

Compared to using Febreeze candles, which is also advertised as odor eliminating, Smokers Candles are much more effective. There is no lingering smell of stale smoke after using these candles.

Many users enjoy using these smoke eater candles, as it allows them to keep the stink of cigarette smoke off long term. This also makes the smoker’s family members and room-mates happy.

Burns Well

Smokers Candles also burn well. You may have noticed that some candles tend to dip into the middle over time, and the last part of the candle will go to waste. However, I’ve noticed that Smokers Candles tend to burn quite evenly. Other users have noticed the same and commented on it.

A tip to keep the candle burning well is to trim the wick to less than 1/4 inch. As with any candle, a long wick tends to produce black smoke burning off the candle. If you are already smoking, there is no need to add to the smoke in the atmosphere.

Classic Creamy Vanilla & Lots Of Other Scents Available

Besides the Classic Creamy Vanilla scent, there are also other options like Cinnamon Apple, Fresh Clothesline and Lavendar and Chamomile, and many more to choose from to suit your mood and taste.

Good For Pet, Cooking Odors As Well

Smokers Candles are handy to have around the house. Besides using them to eliminate smoke odor, you can also use them for pet and cooking odors.

Eliminate Smoke Smell Regularly

Smokers Candles work best when used in areas where the smoke smell has come about more recently. If the room has been steeped in the smell of stale smoke for years or even decades, the smell is probably very deeply embedded and require more extensive cleaning, even drastic actions like scraping old paint and repainting the walls.

Overall, Smokers Candles deliver on their promise of exterminating smoke odor. If you have ever spent time trying to scrub walls and floors off the stink of stale smoke, you know how tedious, if not impossible, that can be. By systematically eliminating the smell of smoke as they develop, you remove this possibility while keeping the house fresh smelling at all times.

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