Top 5 Pocket Ashtrays Review

Pocket ashtrays make smoking on the move so much easier. It can be uncomfortable to smoke when you’re somewhere and there’s no ashtray in sight. Here is our review of the top pocket ashtrays in the market today.

1. Zippo Pocket Ashtray

zippo pocket ashtrayThis slim Zippo pocket ashtray is made of all metal, with a brushed chrome finish. More than that, it’s made by a brand known for its quality — Zippo! This is a classy looking pocket ashtray that works for both men and women. You can carry and use it in just about any settings, even at more formal or fancy gatherings. Despite the small size, you can fit in about 10 – 12 butts before it needs to be emptied. Emptying is straight-forward – just open up the portable ashtray and drop the contents off.

Overall, a high quality pocket ashtray that is well-designed and easy to clean. It also makes it so much easier to satisfy those nicotine cravings when they hit.

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2. Stainless Steel Portable Pocket Ashtray With Snuffer

Review of Portable Pocket Ashtray with SnufferMade of stainless steel, this portable ashtray is the same size as a lighter. It allows a smoker to freely smoke without littering any ashes or butts. At the same time, it also looks classy, so it fits in well in any pockets or purses. One user also commented that it looks nice and fitting even in more formal settings. Perfect for catching that after lunch or dinner smoke.

Sliding the item open makes it into a fully functional ashtray. You can place the cigarette in the ashtray when you’re not smoking, and use the snuffer hole to put out your cigarette when you’re done. The embossed patterns on the pocket ashtrays will vary.

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3. Personal Pocket Ashtray Key Chain

portable pocket ashtray reviewFor pocket ashtrays with different designs, the Steel Mini Portable Personal Pocket Ashtray is the way to go. This pocket sized ashtray has a lid that can be flipped open and snapped shut, as well as a small cigarette holder built into it. A very handy ashtray to have around.

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4. Pocket Ashtray Cigarette Waste Pouch

portable pocket ashtray pouch reviewThis is perfect for those who prefer a light-weight pouch design rather than a hard case. This portable ashtray garbage pouch controls odor and has a heat-retardant foil interior. It has a cute exterior design. The near square size of 3.1″ by 2.9″ looks good. There is a in-built odor containing mechanism, so even if you hold the cigarette butts in your pocket or purse, the smell will not dissipate.

It is sold in packs of 5, so you can refresh and change to a new pouch over time. Alternatively, you can get a pack and share the pouches with others.

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5. Pocket Ashtray By Visol (Stainless Steel)

pocket ashtrays reviewThis beautiful stainless steel pocket ashtray is as stylish as it is functional. It has a unique and clever design that separates it from the usual kinds of metallic pocket ashtrays sold. Unlike conventional pocket ashtrays, this features is a small compartment that holds dropped ashes. This feature, together with the enclosed design, makes it possible to trap more fumes and odors. There’s a lot of thought put into this little item. You can rest the cigarette on ashtray when not holding the cigarette.

It comes in a black cardboard padded box which makes this an ideal quality gift for those who smoke. Overall, a high quality and thoughtful pocket ashtray. Having it around will allow you to smoke more freely, and at the same time be courteous to people around.

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So what are you waiting for? Pick the best pocket ashtray for you, smoke when you want to while on the move without worrying about finding an ashtray.

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