Top 5 Smokeless Ashtrays Review

Are you tired of dealing with the smoke odors from a cigarette or cigar? By using smokeless ashtrays, you eliminate lots of smoke at the source and keep the unwanted odors from sticking to your clothes or spreading. Whether you want to reduce the odors, or keep your family and friends safe from secondhand smoke, smokeless ashtrays come in handy.

Smoke free ashtrays differ by the manner they clean air. Some use carbon filters to absorb smoke and odor, while some use ions to transform dangerous smoke into safe and clean air. There are several smoke free ashtrays available in the market but of these, five seem to be exceptional.

Top 5 Smokeless Ashtrays

Capture Ionic Smokeless Ashtray Generation III

Ionic smokeless ashtray capture III modelIonic ashtrays are technologically more advanced and effective than carbon filter smokeless ashtrays, and the Capture Ionic Smokeless Ashtray is a third generation iteration of the ionic ashtray device. It utilizes negative ion technology to cleanse air.

Smoke rises from the bottom of the ashtray and gets captured into a dome area. This is a great design feature because smoke naturally rises up. The ionic filter is right there to capture and cleanse the smoke. Most traditional smokeless ashtrays use a fan to suck the smoke down to the bottom of the ashtray, which often results in smoke escaping.

Through ionization, the filter breaks down smoke into negatively charged particles. These particles are captured by the positively charged steel inside layer of the dome. Clean air then comes out from the top of the device. Another plus is that unlike traditional carbon filter ashtrays that involve fans and motors, this device will run in silence.

This ionic smokeless ash tray has several features that you might like. The size of this ionic ashtray is just right for most uses. It’s approximately 5 1/2 inches in diameter and 6 1/2 inches high. Weighing around 2 pounds, it operates in absolute silence. Since it uses advanced ion technology, there are no filters you have to change. It may run on either 2 AA batteries or on an A/C adapter.

The package also includes an a/c adapter and a classic ceramic ashtray. You can also substitute and replace the ashtray attachment (separate from the ionic filtration system) itself with your own ashtray, or a new ashtray as the dirt builds up. See full review.

World’s Best Smokeless Ashtray

World's Best Smokeless Ashtray + Carbon FiltersDesigned with advanced Japanese technology, this device is our pick for the best smokeless ashtray using carbon filters. It is very sturdy and well constructed, with a powerful motor. There are tilted grooves on all 4 sides of the ashtray. When you place a lighted cigarette on the groove, the smoke from the cigarette is sucked into the system, eliminating the smoke and odor. Like any smokeless ashtray, smoke is not eliminated unless you place the lighted cigarette close to the device.

Additionally, the sides of the ashtray features 6 small “butt” holes where you can conveniently extinguish your cigarette or cigars quickly, thus reducing any remaining smoke at the end of a cigarette. The noise level of this ashtray is low. A number of user are impressed with the noise level, voting it as better than others they’ve used in the past. To learn more, check out the full World’s Best Smokeless Ashtray review.

This ashtray is also easy to take apart and clean out. One user said that the ashtray started operating louder after a month and a half. He was able to disassemble the ashtray clean out the bottom part where tar residue has set in. Afterwards, it functioned perfectly again.

This ashtray runs on 2 C-sized batteries that are not included in the package. There is no power cord. So if you do buy this ashtray, make sure you have batteries ready to power up the unit. You can purchase a package of this product and it also 6 pack of smoke filters.

Holmes Smokeless Ashtray HAP75-UC

Holmes Smokeless Ashtray HAP75-UCAccording to users, the Holmes smokeless ashtray does a good job in terms of sucking in smoke from a lighted cigarette. It includes a super absorbent charcoal filter. The unit is easy to use, it automatically turns on whenever you raise its lid.

As the lighted cigarette rests on the ashtray, smoke from it will be drawn into the filtration system, removing the odor and smoke. The efficient and powerful fan helps keep smoke from escaping once the cigarette when this cigarette is on the ashtray. Smokeless ashtrays can be rather noisy but users say that the noise from this unit is acceptable and quieter than others they’ve used.

The size of the Holmes smokeless ash tray unit is practical for most uses. It measures about 6 inches length and breadth-wise, with a near square base, and 3 1/2 inches in height. The tray is removable for easy cleaning.

The unit is powered by either 2 D-sized batteries or a power cord. If you are not going to move the ashtray around a lot, and there is a power outlet nearby, using the cord is perfect. Still, you have the option of powering it with batteries. If you do get this ashtray, you may also purchase some extra filters in reserve.

Penguin Smokeless Ashtray

Smokeless Ashtray PenguinThe smokeless penguin ashtray is a personal ashtray that is not only cute and easy to use, but is also efficient. It automatically activates when the Penguin’s belly is opened and powers down if it is closed.

The Penguin has a built-in fan that draws the smoke in and a carbon filter that removes the odors and smoke. With dimensions of 3.5 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches, it runs on 2 AA batteries (although not included). Equipped with a good carbon filter, it eliminates smoke and odor. In some user reviews, people say they love it not only because it’s easy to use but also because they love the look and design.

Smoke Eliminator Smokeless Ashtray for Car & Home

Smoke Eliminator Smokeless AshTray for Car & HomeYou may like this smokeless ashtray for car if you like smoking while driving or traveling. It also doubles as a portable smokeless ashtray for the home. Outfitted with a powerful motor, it instantly and quietly absorbs smoke. It is portable and can even fit into a cup holder.

This smoke eliminator ashtray can run on 2 AAA batteries (not included) or on a DC12V car adapter, included in the package.

If you place this smoke eliminator ashtray, you can smoke inside your car without worrying about that unpleasant smell filling your car. This is also a helpful courtesy to other passengers who may be traveling someone smoking. It also costs around $20 at the time of this writing, a small price compared to the ease that this unit can provide you.

So take your pick and choose from amongst these the best ashtray that fits you. Where to buy smokeless ashtrays is not a big issue, as it is easily available either online or probably a Wal-Mart near you. With your own smokeless ashtray, you don’t have less to worry about in terms of inconveniencing family members or non smoking friends with second hand smoke.

For more background information on smokeless ashtrays, check out the Smokeless Ashtray Reviews & Buyers Guide.

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  1. Lillian says:

    Hi there. Appreciate you posting a review of the best smokeless ashtrays on the market. My neighbor (our houses have a common wall) has been complaining of cigarette smoke coming into his windowless bathroom. I don’t really understand it. Anyhoo, we smoke in the garage and are trying to figure out how. I am going to get a smokeless ashtray but noticed that all of them work in removing smoke when the cig is placed or resting in the ashtray. In your research, have you found any that still remove smoke while the cig is in my hand?

    Thank you,

    • ashtrays-admin says:

      Hi Lillian,

      Sorry to hear about the situation with the neighbor. Smokeless ashtrays will only draw in smoke when you place the cigarette on the ashtray. If you need something that removes smoke while the cig is in your hand, the closest would be using an air filter like this.

      Another product to know about is the Bad Air sponge. The sponge absorbs the bad odor from the smoke pretty effectively. Although it’s probably not going to happen, if your neighbor is willing to put a sponge in his bathroom, I bet he/she will get rid of any smoke smell, plus other bad bathroom odors.

      The last item that may be of interest is the Smoke Buddy. It is a personal air filter that will absorb smoke upon exhalation. It works wonders.

      Hope this helps.


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